Wishful Thinker

attached is a list of things you should probably know about me before entering:

-I talk about all kinds of assorted and unassorted goodies
-my nose is bigger than Ringo's
-I've seen The Breakfast Club at least 20 times
-seriously though, my nose is freaking huge
-I'm a professional third wheel
-I'm one of them so-called "college kidz"
-I don't know who it is, but it probably is fhqwhgads
-did I mention my nose yet?

with that in mind, you're good to go

if you wish to further extend the reaches of your knowledge, check out the "about me" tag
oh, and check out the "hoppin beats" tag to listen to... hoppin beats

be sure to send me messages because I don't bite sometimes

This is how far I made it in the cookie game before quitting. my OCD forced me to get multiples of 10 for every upgrade. well, everything minus the time machine. but screw that thing, seriously. it’s in Doctor Who.

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